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Directory of Board-Certified, Licensed Specialty Vets

Did You Know that Specialty Vets Can Make a Difference for Your Pet?

* Find a trusted Specialty Vet by searching our directory below.

* Then ask your family vet to partner with a Specialty Vet, when your pet needs the very best care.

Find a Specialist near you by entering your state, zip code, or full province name below:

If no specialists are found near you, please call us at 208.514.4757 and we can match you with a local, trusted, board-certified specialist partner. In Canada? Type in your full province name.

Are you a board certified Specialist and would like to be listed in our directory? Click HERE




What is a Veterinary Specialist and Why Do We Care?

Watch’s Pet Owner Awareness Short-Documentary for Public Television to find out more!


Then, stop what you are doing right now and take a look to find out what Specialty Hospitals and Boarded Specialists are in your area.

Then, please share with your pet loving friends.

Our hope is that you never need a vet specialist…

Our goal is to make sure you know they exist and how to find one if, the unthinkable happens, and your pet needs advanced help.


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