Pet Ownership is at its Highest Level in Two Decades and Pet Owners Are Willing To Pay When It Comes To Pet’s Health*

Do they know your hospital can make the difference between life and death for their pet?

  • Save More Pets' Lives

    Save More Pets' Lives

    Informed pet owners make decisions to treat.

  • Stop Losing Business

    Stop Losing Business

    Put dollars in your services with aware pet owners.

  • Increase Your Bottom Line

    Increase Your Bottom Line

    Aware pet owners make appointments when referred.

  • Get Noticed

    Get Noticed

    Increased visibility lets pet owners find you.

  • Make A Difference

    Make A Difference

    Increase demand of advanced veterinary care.

  • Increase Your Hospital's Caseload

    Increase Your Hospital's Caseload

    Educated pet owners will know to ask for referrals!

  • Market Without Marketing

    Market Without Marketing

    Increase pet owners’ awareness and your visibility without direct advertising.

  • Increase the Human-Animal Bond

    Increase the Human-Animal Bond

    Pet owners spend more on veterinary care when pets are part of the family.

  • Make Pet Owners Aware You Exist

    Make Pet Owners Aware You Exist

    Increase awareness of pet owners in your area.

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Pets are dying because owners don’t know you exist

“I lost my Teddy the Lhasa because I didn't know about Vet Specialists. Because of Tinks and Karen, I can say that will never happen again.”
Stuart S.
Stuart S.
"I spent a week searching the internet trying to find a specialist for Penny to try and save her. If I had had the resources from and could find a specialist, my dog probably would still be here today.”
April C.
April C.
“If we get another dog someday, we'll certainly know where to go with any kind of problems... I hope more vets will consider specializing, it's such a need.”
Lisa H.
Lisa H.
“As a pet owner, I have the right to know all the options that are available to save my pet.”
Karen Bostick
- CEO and Founder of

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