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Karen Bostick created PetsPage.com to help pet owners to become aware of all things happy & healthy for our pets today. Watch the short documentary below that’s currently airing on PBS networks to hear Tinks’ Story and learn why Karen is so passionate about creating awareness for pet owners.

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I love tinks!What is a Social PetA Social Pet is a real pet that has an online profile, complete with friends, daily posts and tons of personality!  The pet’s mom or dad enjoys showcasing their pet’s personality and taking on their persona by interacting with other social pets and pet lovers. 

What is a Social Pet Lover?  A Social Pet Lover is a pet lover who enjoys interacting online with social pets and other social pet lovers. They may or may not currently have real pets or social pets of their own. They enjoy following social pets online and feel a special bond by interacting on a regular basis with their personal favorites. The term “Social Pet” was coined by PetsPage.com’s creator, Karen Bostick. PetsPage.com is the only social pet community of its kind!

PetsPage.com was founded by Karen Bostick with the mission of increasing pet owner awareness for all things happy and healthy for their pets today. The passion and purpose behind creating a community like PetsPage.com stems from a very personal story for Karen, and one that almost had a tragic ending. PetsPage.com’s CEO & founder almost found out too late about all the options that are available today in veterinary care, and it was these special advanced options that were needed to save her adorable Maltipoo dog, Tinks’, life.  Because of this, Karen made it her mission to increase pet owner awareness of all the options available in veterinary care, specifically veterinary specialty medicine. She began sharing Tinks’ Story on social media.

Karen Bostick & TinksTheir social media followers grew at a rapid pace and Bostick realized this was just the opportunity she was looking for to get the message out to other pet owners about her mission, and the idea for PetsPage.com was born! PetsPage.com is a unique community where pet lovers can educate, share and socialize with one another, as well as with pet and veterinary professionals. She feels that by allowing pet lovers to directly engage with each other and with pet and veterinary professionals, everyone benefits and valuable information can be shared and exchanged in a fun and social way.





Who is Karen Bostick?

Karen Bostick is an Entrepreneur, Pet Advocate, Social Media SuperStar and the Creator of PetsPage.com.

PetsPage.comPetsPage.com’s Founder & Chief Pet Advocate is filled with passion and purpose and loves attracting, engaging, educating, and entertaining over 500,000 pet lovers on a daily basis!  Karen loves supporting the pet industry by getting the word out about all things happy & healthy for our pets. As an industry entrepreneur herself, Karen thrives on helping other pet and veterinary professionals stand out in the crowd, and is uniquely gifted as a promoter of all things awesome for pet lovers!

Karen’s professional career and desire for helping pets began when she assisted her father in the day-to-day management of their family veterinary practice. She enjoyed working with him and learned a lot from his entrepreneurial spirit, and her love of creating business ideas to help pets and pet professionals was born. Karen has worked closely with many business owners in a variety of industries and growth stages to turn their visions into a profitable venture.

Shortly after Tinks’ near tragic illness and miraculous recovery, Karen felt a strong calling to return to the pet industry and was eager to put her business and marketing skills into action to support her mission.  In 2009, she cofounded a successful recruiting and consulting company in the veterinary specialty industry. Karen quickly became an expert on veterinary advances and trends by traveling around to many of the nation’s top veterinary specialty hospitals and conferences. She loved working one-on-one with veterinary specialists and business owners to help bring lifesaving veterinary care to pet owners everywhere.

Karen soon realized that her true talent was attracting and engaging pet owners, and she had a knack for educating them in fun and social ways. In early 2013, she made the decision to focus her professional career on doing just that. Karen’s experience in business, marketing, and social media, combined with her personal passion for helping pets, allowed her to quickly rise to social media superstar status, amassing an impressive social media following of 600,000 pet lovers in less than one year’s time.

As PetsPage.com’s Chief Pet Advocate, Karen loves being a trusted resource and go-to expert for pet lovers and industry professionals all over the world. Karen is frequently an invited guest on many local and national television and radio programs, and hosts a weekly Pet News segment on the Kim Power Stilson Show for SiriusXM. Karen’s looking forward to sharing her mission through PetsPage.com’s documentary for PBS stations, and through the public service announcement on Animal Planet that begins airing in the spring of 2014

Karen holds a Bachelors of Science degree from Troy State University in Studio Art, with minors in Business Administration and Accounting. She enjoys using her unique perspective in the pet industry and personal passion for helping pets, along with everything she’s ever put into her tool belt, to create and grow PetsPage.com into the industry connecting vision she knows it will become.

“I love creating new ways to attract, entertain and educate pet lovers!” said Bostick.


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